Lust for latex

This is how even beginners find pleasure in the wicked material

Our sex columnist Mimi Erhardt used to take a closer look at the topic of latex herself. She tells us what she learned about the wicked material.

The other day I saw a report on TV about a man who broke into various apartments in order to steal the shoes of the female residents. Now theft is nothing nice, and the thought of a stranger gaining access to my home to rummage through my clothes is a horror to me. But what was even more gruesome for the spokesman for the post was the thief’s obvious love for high heels, flip-flops and overknees. A “disgusting” shoe fetishist had pursued his “perverse” and “disgusting” inclinations (interview) to now – oh, you don’t even want to think about it. A fetish, yuck, how very disturbed, uh. ( Here you can read all about fetishes )

Lust for latexI have always admired people with a fetish, in other words, all those who are sexually aroused by an object, material or part of the body. And would love to have one or the other myself – how exotic that would be. I would love to have a fetish for latex clothing. Because it shines and smells so beautiful, and because latex brings out feminine curves so well. In fact, there was a short phase in my life in which I dealt intensively with latex and liked to wear it – in the form of daring bodysuits and mini-mini-mini dresses – to dates with my boyfriend at the time.

But at some point the enthusiasm for fetish clothing subsided, because outfits made of latex are not a cotton shirt from the Swedish clothing giant, but demanding and maintenance-intensive. I couldn’t handle it, we broke up (latex and me) and I gave away bodysuits and dresses so that they would find a new, better home. My burgeoning fetish came to an end quickly, although the sight of attractive people in rubber outfits still causes gasping to this day.

How are you doing? Does the thought of latex turn you on? Perhaps you would like to buy a piece for yourself or your partner – if only weren’t there all these questions: How do I get in without the rubber tearing? How do I care for and wash the whole thing? What do I need to consider before putting on and taking off?

I feel that. That’s how I once felt, and that’s why I wrote you a mini guide on the subject, inspired by the fetish opponent on TV. But be careful: I would be happy to provide you with a few basics, but I definitely recommend a consultation at a specialist retailer to anyone who is seriously interested in latex clothing.

The preparation

Take a shower before trying on your skin to remove care residues and sweat. Do not apply cream afterwards – under no circumstances should latex come into contact with fatty substances, as these can destroy the material, make it brittle and lose its shine. Only oils and gels based on silicone or water may be used. For what? I’ll tell you right away.

Your fingernails should also be filed smooth, those of the lady shouldn’t be too long and not too pointed, we don’t want to break anything before we can even shoot our way into the good piece.

Here’s how you come in

pleasure in the wicked materialYes, getting into the latex outfit is tricky. The most popular way to slip into a fetish outfit is to powder it in advance – with baby powder or talc, which you can get at the pharmacy. If you have bought a latex suit, pour a teaspoon of powder into it (no more), then close all arm and foot openings and shake everything well.

The downside: It’s dusty like hell, and that’s bad for your respiratory system and the appearance of your man cave.

Professionals use what is known as a liquid donning aid in the form of silicone oil. Whether you rub it on yourself or on your clothes is a matter of taste. Before getting dressed, experts put a shot of the oil in a tub of lukewarm water and leave the clothes in it for a few minutes. This is the best way to distribute the oil, and to save yourself a gloss spray to make everything nice and shiny in the end.

The disadvantage: If something drips onto the floor, the silicone oil is difficult to remove again. It also makes floors a) slippery and b) blotchy.

I will tell you everything about storage, care and what else can be done with the kinky fashion pieces in part two.

Mimi Erhardt is a sex columnist for GQ and You can find out more about the author here.

This article was written by Mimi Erhardt.

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