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I can do what I want with it without it resisting

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Leather whip and latex thong: why is fetish so exciting? “I can turn my partner into an object,” replies the sex researcher Manuel. The sex talk!

The Latex Queen: Fetishism is often quoted in pop culture and fashion: From the bondage comic figure Sweet Gwendoline to the latex suit from Catwoman to Madonna, who plays intensely with the imagery of fetishism. But how many fetishists are there anyway?

Madona in LatexManuel: There are hardly any figures on the prevalence because fetishists generally do not seek help. You have to distinguish whether someone is so committed to a certain object or material that he or she can only experience pleasure through it. That’s very rare. But what is increasing are the cases in which someone incorporates their fetish into everyday sexuality. Fetishism has become a kind of lifestyle that expands and extends far into normality. There are parties at which normal people with high heels, bondage clothes and dog leashes stylize and sexualize themselves.

The Latex Queen: What exactly is a fetish then?

Manuel: Fetishism describes the sexual occupation of an inanimate object. This can be materials such as leather and latex or certain items of clothing or parts of the body. These are then eroticized and abstracted from the context. The attraction of the parties just mentioned, on the other hand, is to create a feeling of strangeness. It is a masquerade, behind which a Christian becomes a leather man and a Steffi becomes a latex lady. In fetishism, a person is no longer seen as a complete person, but a partial area is removed – such as the buttocks or the genitals – and this is then erotically exaggerated, and with jewellery or piercings are particularly emphasized. Playing with strangeness consists in not always looking the other person in the eye as a trusted partner, but also being able to turn them into an object to a certain extent.

The Latex Queen: But isn’t it a decisive difference whether someone emphasizes certain parts of his partner, whom he loves and desires, for example with jewellery or clothing, or whether this jewelry or clothing is completely independent of the partner, regardless of the particular person behind it, excited?

Manuel: Take the example of a lingerie fetishist. He goes through the lingerie department and buys a negligee – or he even steals one because it’s supposed to be used – and masturbates in it. The sexual activity here is independent of a person.

The Latex Queen: It is not that easy to understand what causes the excitement here. After all, it’s just an object.

Manuel: That’s exactly the joke. A thing like that doesn’t look back. It is a protection, it creates distance. Another person would not be controllable, he reacts, he may approach the other. The fetish object, on the other hand, can be manipulated. I can do what I want with it without it resisting. If someone has intimacy or potency issues, this can be very appropriate.

The Latex Queen: Does such a fetish then replace the partner?

Manuel: With these unusual preferences, you have to differentiate between people who integrate them into their sexuality and others who are solely dependent on their object and can only get an erection if they smell leather, for example. The latter is a strong constriction, which one can or must act on therapeutically if necessary, because then a living relationship is not possible. The other is simply an enrichment of my sexual options.

The Latex Queen: Is it actually true that feet have a disproportionate share of all body parts that are raised … read more